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Cristiano Ronaldo Nike Vapor 15 Elite Mercurial Dream Speed
FG Low-Top Soccer Cleats
You’ve perfected your skill through endless practice and channeled your inner fire into your craft. Now, when the weight of the match is squarely on your shoulders, rise to the occasion and deliver. Bold reds and gentle oranges speak to the fearless, yet grounded attitude needed to embrace these pressure-packed moments. Loaded with a soccer-specific Zoom Air unit and sticky touch, these Elite cleats help you—and the world's biggest stars—take your game to the next level and put the pedal down in the waning minutes of a match, when it matters most.

Pressure Ready
Undulating, undaunted reds and soothing, rolling oranges represent the passion and adrenaline that arise when the game’s pressure peaks. Repeating patterns represent the unseen practice and endless repetitions that you pour into your game, so that you’re ready for the pressure. The blend of technical skill and emotional drive combines for a moment of focus and clarity.
Springy Underfoot Feel
A 3/4 length Zoom Air unit sits in the plate and provides an extra level of springy underfoot feel that helps you move fast on the field and create separation when it matters the most—whether you're scoring goals, being first to the ball or going by defenders.
Improved Fit
A redone design improves the fit, so that it better simulates the foot. We did this by conducting multiple wear tests on hundreds of athletes. The result is a more contoured toe box and better fit in the heel.
Feel the Ball
The upper is made of Vaporposite+, which combines a grippy, grid mesh with a premium material for optimal ball control at high speeds. The material provides a tactile feel across the surface of the upper. It’s soft, but stable and wraps tightly around your foot, giving you a more natural on-ball feel when dribbling, passing or scoring.
Dig In, Take Off
Tri-star studs provide multidirectional traction with every step, so you can change directions quickly and confidently. Heel studs provide traction and stability when braking. Toe-off center studs give you traction during explosive starts.
Drive Your Speed
The speed cage inside the structure is made of a thin but strong material that secures the foot to the outsole without adding weight.

More Details
  • For use on slightly wet, short-grass fields
  • Cushioned insole
Artikelnummer: FD1165/600 600


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